Spokane Arena, Upcoming Concerts and Events in Spokane Washington

Directions to Spokane Arena


Spokane Arena
720 West Mallon Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99201
Phone: 509.279.7000

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General Info

The Spokane Arena parking lots are operated by Diamond Parking and managed by the Spokane Arena. There are no in-out privileges for vehicles during an event. Parking prices will be adjusted depending on the event or size of the vehicle.

Guests will be notified of the specific parking rate via KNOW BEFORE YOU GO emails and social media postings.

Parking Lot Specifications

There are seven lots geographically divided into North, Northeast, and South and further subdivided into the letters A-F. There is also a separate VIP Parking area designated as Lot G. The number of spaces are as follows below:

North Lot A: 399
North Lot B: 605 (60 disabled)
Total: 1,004

Northeast Lot C: 203 (2 disabled)
Northeast Lot D: 301 (5 disabled)
Northeast Lot E: 280
Total: 784

South Lot F: 51 (3 disabled)

VIP Parking Lot G: 124 (3 disabled)

Total Number of Parking Stalls:1,963

Parking Lot Policies

  1. No overnight parking is permitted unless approved by Arena Management.
  2. The passing out of flyers or selling of merchandise is strictly prohibited by outside groups or individuals without the permission of Arena Management.
  3. No consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in the parking lots.

Bus and Limousine Parking

Bus and limousine parking as well as shuttle bus drop-offs from senior centers, retirement homes, and tour groups are easily accommodated for any event. Please call Diamond Parking at 509.747.8144 to make arrangements.