Spokane Arena, Upcoming Concerts and Events in Spokane Washington

Labor Rates

Ushering and Security Services

Rates effective: 01/19/17 - 12/31/17
Four hour minimum

  • Ushers, Ticket Takers, etc.: $20.72/hr
  • 24-hour Security: $20.92/hr
  • Uniformed Security: $21.82/hr
  • Manager/Supervisor: $24.00/hr

Emergency Services Personnel

Four hour minimum

  • Medical Services: $26.00/hr
  • Fire Department Personnel: $39.05/hr
  • Police Department Personnel: $35.19/hr
  • Police Department Supervisor:

Lighting Equipment

  • Metal halide lighting covering the Arena floor and upper seating area.
  • 10 Lycian 2K long throw spotlights (Model 1290).
  • 24 Source 4's mounted in catwalk system. IPS digital dimmer strips.
  • 10 MAC Vipers and 8 Clay Paky Sharpys.
  • Compulite Vector Red lighting controller.

Technical Services Personnel

  • Arena A/V Technicians: $35.00/hr
  • Camera Operators: $22.00/hr
  • Electronic Message Center: $33.50/hr
  • Other Technical Personnel:
    Upon Request

Event Staffing

  • Fully trained in-house ushers and ticket takers wear easily identifiable Spokane Arena uniforms.
  • 24-hour uniformed security personnel on duty.
  • Fully trained in-house peer group security force.

Stagehand Rates

Rates effective: 01/1/18 thru 12/31/18
Four hour minimum
ETCP Certified Rigger-Arena

  • Lead Person $23.91/hr
  • Department Head $22.12/hr
  • Equipment Operator $22.12/hr
  • Grip II $21.54/hr
  • Grip I $20.01/hr
  • Rigger Up $34.45/hr
  • Rigger Down $23.91/hr
  • Truss Spot Operator $26.33 flat fee

General Conditions

  1. The lead person is the person in charge of the work crew.
  2. Department heads are: Carpenter, Flyman, Electrician, Properties, Sound, Projectionists, and Wardrobe. These Department Heads shall be called as the situation dictates.
  3. Equipment Operators are defined as people who operate equipment not covered elsewhere in the agreement. They shall include forklift operators, scissor lifts, ground riggers, and spotlight operators.
  4. Grip II is a person who works a performance/rehearsal and a move-in and/or move-out.
  5. Grip I is a person who works the move-in and/or move-out without working a performance/rehearsal.
  6. For computing hours worked, the work day is midnight to midnight. Work that starts as one work day an continues into the next remains a part of the initial day until after a minimum six-hour break.
  7. The minimum call for employees is four (4) hours. No unpaid breaks in the first four (4) hours.
  8. Time is computed by the half-hour. Proper breaks must be given every five (5) hours.
  9. The work week is defined as seven (7) consecutive days per event or production.
  10. Time and one-half will be charged:
    • for work in excess of forty (40) hours per week for the same employer;
    • for work in excess of eight (8) hours per day;
    • on the following holidays: Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, July 4th, and New Year's day, Easter, and Labor Day.
    • for calls that originate between midnight and 8:00 am.
  11. The hourly rates for events involving film or video production for commercial purposes are not a part of this agreement and will be negotiated as details are available.
  12. The promoter agrees to contribute six percent (6.74%) of the total labor bill to the union annuity trust fund.
  13. Provided that federal, state and local requirements are fulfilled, the promoter has the option of paying for services through the promoter's accounting office or to use the spokane projection service (a nonprofit organization set up to accommodate the various employers hiring labor through union). A charge of 23.5% of the total labor bill will be added to the promoter's costs if the spokane projection service handles the payroll.
  14. Payment for the personnel provided by the union will be made during the box office settlement by the bonded ticket agency check drawn on their account unless special arrangements have been made, in writing, in advance.