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Catering for Meeting Rooms

Full catering and bar service is available in our Integra Telecom & Champions Meeting Rooms. Our Director of Catering Sales can help plan every aspect of your special event. Call 509.279.7395 or fax 509.456.6069 for further information.

Billing Information

Throughout the event, a catering attendant will provide your food and beverage services, and maintain the suite. At the conclusion of food services to the suite, the attendant will present you with a consolidated total of expenses. A signed copy of the invoice will be left with you for your records. Guests who are not authorized to charge on behalf of the suite owner may pay with cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. All orders are subject to 18% service charge and applicable sales tax.

Fax Service

For your convenience, our FAX service is available 24 hours everyday. Simply fill out the FAX order form and dial our FAX at 509.279.7010.

Special Orders

The Food and Beverage Department of the Spokane Arena will gladly assist you with any special requests or arrangements for your suite. If you would like a favorite brand of liquor, wine, or beer procured, or have a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion planned, please let us know! Concession food or novelties are available upon request to your attendant.

Catering for Suites

Catering Menu (PDF)

Online Catering Order Form

Caterer Web Site

Advance Ordering

To provide the freshest and highest quality food possible, all food and beverage orders must be placed by 4:00 pm two working days prior to the event. Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. Orders placed after the 48 hour deadline will be taken on an availability basis. All items marked with are available without a late charge. Call 509.279.7404 or fax 509.279.7410 for further information. Click here for the online suite catering order form.

Event Day Order/Reorder

For your convenience, we do offer event day ordering. All menu items marked with are available for reorders. All items marked as such will be available until the start of the third period, for hockey, and the third quarter for basketball. Please contact your attendant for reorders or call the Food and Beverage Department. Appropriate phone numbers are provided near the house phone in your Suite. Call 509.279.7404 or fax 509.279.7410 for further information.

Alcoholic Beverages

For the safety of the guests at the Spokane Arena, cans and bottles must remain inside your suite. In addition, any wine or spirits may not leave the suite. Your suite guests should be informed of this rule to avoid misunderstanding.

It is the responsibility of the suite owner or designated representative to monitor and control alcoholic beverage consumption within the suite. Minors (under the age of 21) by law, are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. Possible liabilities may arise as a result of uncontrolled guest behavior.

Par System

If you wish to maintain a certain inventory level of liquor, beverages, or food in your suite, a personalized par system can be established. Our Director of Catering Sales would be happy to work with you in setting up your suite par system. Call 509.279.7395 for further information.


At the time you place your food order, please let the order desk know of your requested delivery time. If no special time is requested, your food and beverage order will be ready in the suite approximately one (1) hour prior to the event.


All food and beverage equipment in the suite is the property of the Spokane Arena and may not be removed. If you would like additional equipment, please call 509.279.7395 for more information.