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All guests attending events at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena will be required to walk through magnetometers upon entering the building. More commonly referred to as "walk-through metal detectors," the magnetometers will be located at each entrance, including backstage areas. All employees will also be subject to these new security procedures.

To help everyone have a positive experience when coming to an event, we ask that you do the following:

  • Bring only essential items needed for the event you are attending.
  • Leave ALL weapons at home. Weapons may include firearms, pocketknives, pepper spray, and wallet chains.
  • If you bring a camera other than your mobile device, please ensure that it fits within your front pants pocket. No detachable lens cameras will be permitted.

Doors to the Spokane Arena typically open one hour before show time. Please arrive as close to that hour as you can. If you cannot make it to the venue before 30 minutes prior to show, expect a possible delay. We have increased our typical staffing level for events to get each and every person into the building in time for the show. However, we cannot guarantee that will happen if the majority of the crowd arrives at the venue for entry close to show time.

Dated: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Spokane Public Facilities District management today announced that a revised entry procedure for off-duty law enforcement officers with service weapons into the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, INB Performing Arts Center and Spokane Convention Center will be introduced before the end of March. This policy concept was approved yesterday by the District’s Board of Directors.

“We are glad to have worked with the Spokane Public Facilities District to develop a common sense procedure for our officers,” said Spokane Police Assistant Chief Justin Lundgren. “This is a great step forward toward safety for everyone at those venues.”

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich went on to say, “Everyone working on this has done some solid work. I am very happy to see this take a positive direction. Our deputies look forward to working with the District venue staff to continue working on this issue.”

District personnel are working to implement the change of policy soon with appropriate vetting through local law enforcement. More information on what further shape the revised weapons policy will take and how it will be implemented will be released over the next month.

“Our relationship with local law enforcement, emergency responders, veterans and the public is crucial to presenting successful events at the venues,” said Kevin Twohig, CEO of the Spokane Public Facilities District. “We understand that the issue of firearms is a sensitive one and look forward to our continued work with Spokane Police and the Sheriff’s Department.”

To be clear: As of this writing, the weapons policy at the facilities of the Spokane Public Facilities District including Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena has not changed. Officers in uniform are welcome any time. Off-duty officers will be asked to leave their weapons at home. Citizens with concealed carry permits will be asked to leave their weapons at home and will not be allowed entry if they bring those weapons with them to events.

Spokane Public Facilities District is proud to work with local and national law enforcement agencies, emergency responders and veterans as well as the citizens of the Inland Northwest to provide quality events in a safe environment for all.

Any news outlets that would like to interview District personnel regarding this entry policy or its implementation, please call Teresa Hudak at 509-279-7000 or email [email protected]

Previous Press Release: 20170713 Revised Weapons Policy (PDF)

Thank you VERY much for helping us to provide better security at our venue. Your cooperation is appreciated more than you know. We look forward to seeing you at the Spokane Arena!

Please contact us at 509.279.7000 or [email protected].

Walk-through Metal Detectors